Harold is a musician. He writes his own songs, and records and performs them together with other musicians.


Stefanos makes food. Together with Marijke they run a small Greek restaurant in Amsterdam. Here they cook meals for people. In summer they’re in Greece. There they cook for themselves.


Willemijn is a designer at Eend, a design agency in Utrecht. She was schooled as an industrial designer at the Technical University in Delft. Rather utilitarian. There she worked with physical objects. Nowadays she mostly works with digital things. She likes both.


Maarten is a set designer. He designs sets and he makes them. He needs his complete body. His weight and strength to move things. His head to come up with ideas and solutions. His hands to create the stuff. His feet to stand on. His eyes to see. His ears to listen to music and to listen to his coworkers. But his body is not enough. He needs extensions. And he needs tools. And a nice big workshop. And he uses all these things to create things he creates.


Marie is works at design agency Eend in Utrecht. She fell in love with graphic design when she found out that it’s a great tool to bridge the gap between language and image.


Titus makes open source software. As he says himself, he’s privileged enough to be able to spend quite some time on this hobby. He told me about three rather successful projects. They’re all about processing language. He found out that success in open source land can be painful, especially when bullies disagree with your project. Which is a real shame. It took away the fun of fame that he experienced for a while. It didn’t take away the fun of working on these projects though.


Joke makes all kinds of things. Things like jewelry, and things like collections of things she finds.


This is Kiki. She likes to make things. Like turtles from scrap metal she found on the street. She like to draw as well. She’s really good at drawing monsters with chalk. She even has her own store where she sells t‑shirts with her monster drawings.


Joost is a lecturer at the university of applied sciences in Amsterdam. He teaches students how to write code for the web.


Dave makes music. He makes music for himself, and he makes music with and for his students. Here he’s portrayed as a teacher at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam.


Arnold write books and articles about old manuscripts. This way these manuscripts become more accessible. He usually works from behind his desk. In summer he works under an olive tree in Greece.


Diek is a sculptor.


Astrid makes things. If there were a ceasar of making it would be Astrid. But there is no such thing. Because making is not something you do on your own, it’s something you do together, according to Astrid. Well, sometimes she makes things alone, but she prefers not to.


Irene makes lessons for students. We discussed the question if creating lessons can be considered to be an act of making. Since she’s a lecturer at a design school we decided that yes, creating lessons is an act of making. And if that’s not enough, she’s a painter as well.


This is Vasilis. He makes websites. And sometimes he makes physical things. And a while ago he wrote some code that turned his server into a publishing machine: every day it publishes ten unique books, with random colours and all kinds of random shapes. For this he needs nothing, just the money to pay for his hosting bills. For the other things he makes he needs his head and his hands. And to a lesser degree his eyes. He makes podcasts as well. He definitely needs his ears to listen to his guests, but weirdly enough he doesn’t really need them to do the audio postproduction.


Marrije runs design agency Eend together with Robert-Jan. She says runs the business side. But she also runs various design workshops, and she’s a keen observer with an eye for detail, which is very handy for user research.


Robert Jan is one of the founders of Eend, a design agency in Utrecht. He’s interested in the humans who experience the human experience.