Arnold’s tools

These old fashioned paper lexicons are Arnold’s tools. These are the lexicons to his left. He has another row of these on the right.

Astrid’s tools

Astrid uses many tools, but these are her favoutires. Pencils (more an extension of her thoughts), a knife, a small magnifying glass, and a folder she once created about five reasons to make things. As if she needs those.

Dave’s tool

I first took a picture of this microphone from the side where the logo is invisible. Dave liked that, but it also showed him that I am not really an audio nerd. They recognize the beauty of this thing when they see the brand.

Diek’s tools

Diek uses a lot of tools. They depend on the kind of sculpture he’s working on. But all of his works start out with this single tool, a 0.5mm 2b pencil.

Harold’s tools

Literature is one of his tools. His guitar pick, of course. Taking notes is another one. His notebook is a collection of thoughts, sketches, and snippets of paper. Wonderful to look at. He was surprised to see that I didn’t take any notes while we took the pictures for this atlas.

Irene’s tools

For Irene pens are an important part of her toolchain. Pens are needed for jotting down ideas, for quick sketches, for taking notes. Her phone is handy for taking pictures.

Joke’s tools

At the moment this knitting spool set is the tool she’s mostly working with.

Joost’s tools

Browsers, texteditors and Codepen. Joost’s tools are software.

Kiki’s tools

Kiki uses many different tools. These are just a few of them.

Maarten’s tools

Maarten’s workshop is filled with tools. But this one is the biggest. It’s used a lot as well. You can hear it all the time.

Marie’s tool

Marie use pen and paper as a tool for sketching, and for taking notes during conferences (which is really hard when you have to look at the sign language interpreter). She also uses it to explain ideas that are a bit more complex for people like me who don’t understand sign language. Another tool we thought about picturing instead of this piece of paper is a sign language interpreter. Very useful in many situations.

Marrije’s tools

Marrije uses many tools. She likes this one, even though it’s not red. With this one she pays the freelancers who work for them. She genuinely loves paying them.

Robert Jan’s tools

Robert Jan’s most important tool is a big, empty wall. This one needs a bit of improvement. Sticky notes don’t stick that well to it.

Stefanos’ tools

Like any professional kitchen, Stefanos’ kitchen is filled with all kinds of tools. Like these pans. But there’s also an old laptop in there for streaming Greek radio and for talking with family in Greece.

Titus’ tools

Titus uses all kinds of tools on his computer. He uses Github extensively. Text editors. And the terminal, of course. I was allowed to take this picture as long as I promised not to hit enter.

Vasilis’ tools

Vasilis doesn’t need many tools. He needs his computer, which is more an extension of his hands than a tool. And he needs his audio recorder for his podcasts. And he probably doesn’t need his phone, yet he does use it quite often. For the physical stuff he creates the toolchain is rather large. He uses all kinds of wood working tools, laser cutters, 3d printers, laser printers, anything he needs to get his idea working, really.

Willemijn’s tools

Illustrator is probably the tool that Willemijn uses the most. And here she shows a picture of the reason why she makes things.