Willemijn Bins

Willemijn is a designer at Eend, a design agency in Utrecht. She was schooled as an industrial designer at the Technical University in Delft. Rather utilitarian. There she worked with physical objects. Nowadays she mostly works with digital things. She likes both.

Willemijn’s ears

A large part of designing is understanding the people who need the thing you’re making. And one of the ways to understand them is by listening closely. Willemijn is a very good listener. But she also knows not to blindly trust everything people say. Listening is not enough.

Willemijn’s extension

This laptop is what Willemijn uses the most for making.

Willemijn’s eyes

Listening to people is not enough to understand them. People quite often don’t really do what they tell you they do. That’s why Willemijn uses her eyes to observe the behaviour of people as well.

Willemijn’s feet

Willemijn doesn’s really use her feet that much during the making process. And it had been a while since she wore these shoes.

Willemijn’s hands

Willemijn, like most makers, uses her hands a lot for making. And for talking sign language with her colleague Marie.

Willemijn’s head

This is where it all happens. Willemijn uses her head to listen to what people say, and to observe what they really mean. And she uses her head to think of ways to make the thing she’s working on easier, less complicated to use.

Willemijn’s place

Willemijn works at Eend, which means duck in Dutch. She works on websites mostly. I asked her if digital things are very different from physical things (she’s an industrial designer by trade). She thinks they are similar. More often than not both physical and digital things are needlessly complex and unfriendly. It’s her job to fix that.

Willemijn’s reason

So many things we have to use are needlessly complex, and sometimes even unfriendly. And there’s really no need to when you take a little time — and Willemijn’s talent — to come up with solutions that are easy to use, and supporting. This is why Willemijn designs things. To fix this problem.

Willemijn’s tools

Illustrator is probably the tool that Willemijn uses the most. And here she shows a picture of the reason why she makes things.