Marrije Schaake

Marrije runs design agency Eend together with Robert-Jan. She says runs the business side. But she also runs various design workshops, and she’s a keen observer with an eye for detail, which is very handy for user research.

Marrije’s ears

Marrije is a very good listener. She listens closely to her clients, to employees, to the freelancers she works with, and to the people she designs for. Her hearing is not that good though, so she does have some difficulty following a conversation in a crowded place.

Marrije’s extension

This notebook extends her brain. And it’s red, like all Marrije’s accessories. I’ve seen the inside of this book. It’s incredibly tidy, unlike any notebook I’ve ever seen before. Beautiful.

Marrije’s eyes

Marrije is a close observer. Since she is hard of hearing she relies more on her eyes. She sees the tiniest details. Which comes in very handy in a design agency that creates things for people.

Marrije’s feet

Marrije always walks on high heels. For good posture.

Marrije’s hands

Of course Marrije uses her hands for all kinds of activities. Like writing in her notebook, typing on her computer and using the scissors during design workshops. But she also uses them to talk sign language with Marie, one of her employees.

Marrije’s head

Marrije uses her head for thinking, for communicating, and for observing.

Marrije’s place

When Marrije needs to think she looks outside and sees this beautiful canal in the old center of Utrecht. The red cars are a nice coincidence.

Marrije’s reason

Marrije approaches every new project with the sol called beginner’s mind. Always curious, always open for new ideas, new insights. This, in combination with a drive to make things better, to rid the world of things that are unfriendly and unnecessarily complex, is why she makes things.

Marrije’s tools

Marrije uses many tools. She likes this one, even though it’s not red. With this one she pays the freelancers who work for them. She genuinely loves paying them.