Astrid Poot

Astrid makes things. If there were a ceasar of making it would be Astrid. But there is no such thing. Because making is not something you do on your own, it’s something you do together, according to Astrid. Well, sometimes she makes things alone, but she prefers not to.

Astrid’s ear

Astrid uses her ears to listen to the people she makes things with. And she listens even more carefully to the people she makes things for. And she uses her ears to listen to podcasts while she runs.

Astrid’s extension

More that anything, a pencil is Astrid’s extension. She needs it to think. She showed me some notebooks with beautiful expressive sketches. Her thoughts. Many of them.

Astrid’s eyes

Astrid likes to make both physical things and digital things. She needs her eyes to create these things.

Astrid’s feet

Astrid’s feet are not the primary part of her body she uses when she’s making things. And in a way they are even counter productive, and she told me she can’t think when she’s running. That’s why she listens to podcasts when she runs.

Astrid’s hands

Astrid uses her hands to think. They are part of her brain. Sketching, writing, tinkering, making things, for everything she does, she needs her hands.

Astrid’s head

It all starts in her head. Astrid thinks about how thinking works, how it looks, and she sees it as several different streams that all flow in their own specific speed. But things do not stay in her head. Her head is in direct contact with her hands. Thinking and making work together for Astrid.

Astrid’s place

Astrid can work everywhere. And she’s never really not working. Even when she’s playing with her kids, which she does a lot, it’s somehow part of her work.

Astrid’s reason

Astrid makes things because she makes things. She likes both tangible and digital things. If her clients are better served with something digital, she will create something digital for them, but if a physical thing would be a better idea, that’s what they’ll get. Making, or the end result is always about the quality of life. So if your life is improved by not using the app, Astrid will design something for you that you will use as little as possible. Only when you need it, or when it helps you.

Astrid’s tools

Astrid uses many tools, but these are her favoutires. Pencils (more an extension of her thoughts), a knife, a small magnifying glass, and a folder she once created about five reasons to make things. As if she needs those.