Maarten Smids

Maarten is a set designer. He designs sets and he makes them. He needs his complete body. His weight and strength to move things. His head to come up with ideas and solutions. His hands to create the stuff. His feet to stand on. His eyes to see. His ears to listen to music and to listen to his coworkers. But his body is not enough. He needs extensions. And he needs tools. And a nice big workshop. And he uses all these things to create things he creates.

Maarten’s ears

Maarten uses his ears for listening to his clients and to his employees. But, he adds, his employees listen to him more than he listens to them.

Maarten’s extension

Maarten extends his ears with these things. If he didn’t he would be deaf.

Maarten’s eyes

Maarten uses his eyes constantly. He makes sets for films, for plays, for opera. These are all very visual. They have to look wonderful. Eyes are necessary.

Maarten’s feet

Maarten doesn’t consider his feet to be very important for his making process.

Maarten’s hands

Maarten uses his hands all the time. He types with them. He holds his phone with them. He sketches with them. He uses them for building the things he builds. He needs them for using his tools. As you can see, he once cut off the tips of his fingers.

Maarten’s head

Maarten uses his head to translate the ideas that his clients have into things that can actually be built within the budget. There’s a lot of listening, seeing, sketching and talking involved in this process.

Maarten’s place

This is where Maarten works. But he could work anywhere, his workshop has no special emotional value to him.

Maarten’s reason

Maarten creates things that he likes. They can have a personal entertainment value, like this Fiat 500 which is used in an opera. Another reason to create things is to learn from making it. He probably learned a thing or two from creating this car as well.

Maarten’s tools

Maarten’s workshop is filled with tools. But this one is the biggest. It’s used a lot as well. You can hear it all the time.