Dave Krooshof

Dave makes music. He makes music for himself, and he makes music with and for his students. Here he’s portrayed as a teacher at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam.

Dave’s ears

You’d think that his ears must be most important for Dave, since he makes sounds. But he told me he had never really thought about his ears, the physical things. So no, it’s not about the ears, it’s about the hearing.

Dave’s extension

This is Dave’s extension. Last year he completely rebuilt this guitar. It’s left-handed, and he turned it into a right-handed guitar. He stripped it clean, repainted it, and replaced the plastic plate with a wooden one. Dave doesn’t like plastic.

Dave’s eyes

Dave hears all the little details, as I noticed when he was working on a piece of music with a student. But he sees, and appreciates, the little visible details as well, like his fingerprints in the lacquer on his guitar. And in his spare time he’s a photographer who still uses film.

Dave’s feet

Dave has a dog and a horse and the three of them walk a lot. I guess, but I’m not sure since I didn’t ask, that the rhythm his feet make while he walks creates music in his head.

Dave’s hands

Everything he does, he does with his hands. They are probably part of his brain.

Dave’s head

It’s not very weird to say that Dave’s hands are a part of his brain. But it does sound strange when you say that his brain is part of his hands.

Dave’s place

This is Dave’s sound studio where he can be found most of the time, working on music with his students.

Dave’s reason

This is the reason why he makes sounds. So his students can dance to it and make their art with it.

Dave’s tool

I first took a picture of this microphone from the side where the logo is invisible. Dave liked that, but it also showed him that I am not really an audio nerd. They recognize the beauty of this thing when they see the brand.