Irene Kamp

Irene makes lessons for students. We discussed the question if creating lessons can be considered to be an act of making. Since she’s a lecturer at a design school we decided that yes, creating lessons is an act of making. And if that’s not enough, she’s a painter as well.

Irene’s ears

Irene doesn’t use her ears that much when she makes things. Of course she needs to listen during lessons. It would be nice and quiet in class if she didn’t have to though.

Irene’s extension

Irene makes all the things she makes for school on her computer. She doesn’t really need an extra monitor. So she uses it as a bulletin-board.

Irene’s eyes

Irene talked about using her eyes mostly in context to the paintings she makes. She told me that it’s not so much about the paintings, it’s more about mixing paint, which looks beautiful.

Irene’s feet

Irene doesn’t use her feet when she makes things.

Irene’s hands

Irene’s hands are a mediator between her quick brain and the tools she uses. Absolutely necessary. No drawing, no typing, no sketching, no note taking, no mixing of paints without them.

Irene’s head

One of the reasons why Irene likes teaching so much is because she learns so much from it. She teaches to get better at things. She uses her head for gaining more knowledge. Among others.

Irene’s place

This is where Irene works on her lessons. This is not where she mixes paint.

Irene’s reasons

Irene teaches for her students. But she also teaches for herself. She loves gaining more knowledge. The reason why she paints is because she found out that mixing colours is incredibly fascinating.

Irene’s tools

For Irene pens are an important part of her toolchain. Pens are needed for jotting down ideas, for quick sketches, for taking notes. Her phone is handy for taking pictures.