Arnold’s head

Arnold makes good use of his head. He thinks with it quite a lot. He talks with it, he listens with it (with the help of a hearing aid), he looks with it, he smiles with it.

Astrid’s head

It all starts in her head. Astrid thinks about how thinking works, how it looks, and she sees it as several different streams that all flow in their own specific speed. But things do not stay in her head. Her head is in direct contact with her hands. Thinking and making work together for Astrid.

Dave’s head

It’s not very weird to say that Dave’s hands are a part of his brain. But it does sound strange when you say that his brain is part of his hands.

Diek’s head

Diek’s comes up with a concept before he starts making it. He thoroughly thinks it through. He also uses his head to discuss his ideas with Joke, his partner.

Harold’s head

Harold uses his voice for singing and communicating, his eyes for reading and getting inspired by the visual arts. And of course he uses his brain for thinking, for coming up with songs, with texts, with ideas.

Irene’s head

One of the reasons why Irene likes teaching so much is because she learns so much from it. She teaches to get better at things. She uses her head for gaining more knowledge. Among others.

Joke’s head

Joke uses her head to think about things to make or to collect, and to look at those things. She doesn’t really have to communicate about the things she makes since makes them for herself.

Joost’s head

A big part of his work is talking to students. Joost loves that. Listening to their ambitions and helping them in achieving them. Explaining things they find hard to understand. His head is also used to store new knowledge. He understands his profession better than ever, since he became a lecturer. At the same time he thinks he lost his production skills. It’s debatable whether that’s a bad thing.

Kiki’s head

Kiki uses her head in many ways. She uses it to see, to speak, to sing, to listen and of course to think of all the things she want to make.

Maarten’s head

Maarten uses his head to translate the ideas that his clients have into things that can actually be built within the budget. There’s a lot of listening, seeing, sketching and talking involved in this process.

Marie’s head

Marie uses her head as an essential part of her language. Sign language is not just talking with your hands. It’s a very expressive language for which you use your complete body, and all possible facial expressions. She talks the works with her mouth, expresses feelings with grimaces, and closely looks at the person she talks to to see what they are saying. And of course, like all other designers, she uses her head to think.

Marrije’s head

Marrije uses her head for thinking, for communicating, and for observing.

Robert Jan’s head

Robert Jan’s head is where all the thinking, and most of the communicating occurs. And good, clear, and friendly communication is key to creating digital products that people want to use.

Stefanos’ head

Stefanos uses his head for tasting, for smelling, for listening, for seeing and for thinking. All necessary in a professional kitchen. While at work he uses these senses to create a continuous quality for his clients. When on holiday in Greece he uses these senses to cook delicious seasonal meals that he wants to eat.

Titus’ head

Like with many other people who make things, Titus’ eyes and his brain are the most used parts of his head. He can’t really smell since he smokes. And talking and listening are not part of his making process. It’s not that he works alone, it’s just that the people he works with are elsewhere. They mostly communicate via all kinds of text based digital communication tools.

Vasilis’ head

Vasilis needs his head. He needs to think. Not everything he does can be done automatically yet.

Willemijn’s head

This is where it all happens. Willemijn uses her head to listen to what people say, and to observe what they really mean. And she uses her head to think of ways to make the thing she’s working on easier, less complicated to use.