This is Kiki. She likes to make things. Like turtles from scrap metal she found on the street. She like to draw as well. She’s really good at drawing monsters with chalk. She even has her own store where she sells t‑shirts with her monster drawings.

Kiki’s ears

Kiki doesn’t really use her ears when she makes things.

Kiki’s extension

Kiki uses quite a few tools that could be considered extensions. Pliers when she works with metal wire. Pens, pencils and chalk when she draws.

Kiki’s eyes

Most of the things Kiki creates are visual, so she really needs her eyes. She doesn’t just use them to look at her own work, she uses them as well to see how others make stuff. This makes her better.

Kiki’s feet

Every now and then Kiki goes for a walk to find troepjes: stuff like little pieces of metal and plastic that she can use to create things with.

Kiki’s hands

Kiki uses her hands for all the things she makes. For her little statues, for her lego, for her drawings of monsters on her car.

Kiki’s head

Kiki uses her head in many ways. She uses it to see, to speak, to sing, to listen and of course to think of all the things she want to make.

Kiki’s place

Kiki has more than one place. This is her desk, under her bed.

Kiki’s reasons

This is a thing she made.

Kiki’s tools

Kiki uses many different tools. These are just a few of them.