Arnold’s feet

Arnold doesn’t use his feet for his actual work.

Astrid’s feet

Astrid’s feet are not the primary part of her body she uses when she’s making things. And in a way they are even counter productive, and she told me she can’t think when she’s running. That’s why she listens to podcasts when she runs.

Dave’s feet

Dave has a dog and a horse and the three of them walk a lot. I guess, but I’m not sure since I didn’t ask, that the rhythm his feet make while he walks creates music in his head.

Diek’s feet

Diek doesn’t need his feet for making his sculptures.

Harold’s feet

He likes these shoes. But Harold likes his Dr. Martens as well. I asked him if they were a remnant of his punk rock days. He’s way to sweet to be a punk, he answered. And that’s true, depending on your definition of punk. He may have taken a thing or two from that DYI mentality.

Irene’s feet

Irene doesn’t use her feet when she makes things.

Joke’s feet

Joke doesn’t use her feet directly for making things, but she does use them for walking in nature, collecting stones and other beautiful things. Later on she uses these things to make objects, like jewelry.

Joost’s feet

His colleagues sometimes ask him to please stop tapping his feet. Because that’s what his feet do when he’s concentrated. He gets up to walk quite often as well. It stimulates his brain.

Kiki’s feet

Every now and then Kiki goes for a walk to find troepjes: stuff like little pieces of metal and plastic that she can use to create things with.

Maarten’s feet

Maarten doesn’t consider his feet to be very important for his making process.

Marie’s feet

Marie doesn’t need her feet for making things.

Marrije’s feet

Marrije always walks on high heels. For good posture.

Robert Jan’s feet

In the office Robert Jan walks around on his socks. It makes him feel more down to earth, and it just feels much better than walking around in tight shoes. He does put on his shoes when clients come by.

Stefanos’ feet

Stefanos is on his feet all day. While he prefers to sit. Ideally he would like to employ some staff to do all the work for him. So he can sit down and enjoy a glass of ouzo. But alas, they need that money for other things, like supporting family in Greece and paying the bills.

Titus’ feet

Titus uses his feet to step away from his computer every now and then to smoke a cigarette. Taking these walks helps him to place his work in perspective, it gives him time to think about what he’s doing.

Vasilis’ feet

Vasilis does not need feet. Creating websites can be done without walking. He is happy he has them though.

Willemijn’s feet

Willemijn doesn’s really use her feet that much during the making process. And it had been a while since she wore these shoes.