Joke Werkhoven

Joke makes all kinds of things. Things like jewelry, and things like collections of things she finds.

Joke’s ears

Joke doesn’t really use her ears for making things, but she does listen to the sounds around her when she walks around, collecting things. She collected stones recently on a beach in France. She hears the sound of the waves while she works with them.

Joke’s extension

Joke takes lots and lots of pictures with her phone. It can be seen as an extension of her eyes.

Joke’s eyes

Her eyes are essential. Joke uses them for making the things she makes, and for collecting the things she collects.

Joke’s feet

Joke doesn’t use her feet directly for making things, but she does use them for walking in nature, collecting stones and other beautiful things. Later on she uses these things to make objects, like jewelry.

Joke’s hands

Like almost all people who make things Joke uses her hands all the time.

Joke’s head

Joke uses her head to think about things to make or to collect, and to look at those things. She doesn’t really have to communicate about the things she makes since makes them for herself.

Joke’s place

This is Joke’s workshop. It may look like a mess, but if you look closely you’ll see that it’s tightly ordered.

Joke’s reason

Joke makes things because she likes making things. The things she makes grow. This project started out because she found a spool knitting set. And while she was working with it she found these pebbles on a beach in France. And combined they form these strings. She’s not sure what their final form will be. She’s figure out later. All of her work is repetitive.

Joke’s tools

At the moment this knitting spool set is the tool she’s mostly working with.