Arnold’s extension

He did the same work he does today long before personal computers existed. He used quite a lot of paper, and ink for his typewriter. And he had all kinds of paper archives. And envelopes for his letters to his colleagues. Now he uses a computer.

Astrid’s extension

More that anything, a pencil is Astrid’s extension. She needs it to think. She showed me some notebooks with beautiful expressive sketches. Her thoughts. Many of them.

Dave’s extension

This is Dave’s extension. Last year he completely rebuilt this guitar. It’s left-handed, and he turned it into a right-handed guitar. He stripped it clean, repainted it, and replaced the plastic plate with a wooden one. Dave doesn’t like plastic.

Diek’s extension

After coming up with an idea for a new sculpture, the first way Diek visualizes it is by using a pen and paper.

Harold’s extension

This is Harold’s guitar. He’s not one of those guitarists who thinks directly with his guitar. He thinks of a melody, he tries it out, accepts input from his fellow musicians to perfect the details. And then he plays it. I expected the buying process of a guitar to be a long one. But it took him just a day to choose this one. Ten years ago.

Irene’s extension

Irene makes all the things she makes for school on her computer. She doesn’t really need an extra monitor. So she uses it as a bulletin-board.

Joke’s extension

Joke takes lots and lots of pictures with her phone. It can be seen as an extension of her eyes.

Joost’s extension

It was to be expected. Joost’s extension is his computer. He makes his fantastic examples of new web technology on this computer. He prepares his classes on this computer. He communicates with students and colleagues with it. More than a tool.

Kiki’s extension

Kiki uses quite a few tools that could be considered extensions. Pliers when she works with metal wire. Pens, pencils and chalk when she draws.

Maarten’s extension

Maarten extends his ears with these things. If he didn’t he would be deaf.

Marie’s extension

Her computer is her extension for her design work. It’s also a fantastic communication device. With things like Facetime she can communicate with other people in her first language, which is Dutch Sign language.

Marrije’s extension

This notebook extends her brain. And it’s red, like all Marrije’s accessories. I’ve seen the inside of this book. It’s incredibly tidy, unlike any notebook I’ve ever seen before. Beautiful.

Robert Jan’s extensions

This mouse and this mousepad are the things that get the things out of his mind into his computer.

Stefanos’ extensions

Of all the tools Stefanos uses his knifes should be considered the extension of his hands. He cuts vegetables with an incredible speed, without looking, while looking at me. I guess that’s how it’s done when you’ve been cutting vegetables every day of your life.

Titus’ extension

This is the computer that Titus writes all his code on. He doesn’t really need this particular computer, any computer would do. As long as it’s a Mac. He likes beautiful things, that’s why.

Vasilis’ extension

Without a computer Vasilis would be a different person. Well. Maybe not a different person per se, but definitely a different maker. This computer is what he makes his things with, and what he makes most of his things for. He uses it to create his websites, of course. He uses it for making books, for creating models for 3d printers and lasercutters, and even for sketching ideas for furniture.

Willemijn’s extension

This laptop is what Willemijn uses the most for making.