Arnold’s eyes

Arnold doesn’t need his mouth to smile. He smiles with his eyes. And he needs his eyes for working. For using his lexicons, for using his computer, for everything, really.

Astrid’s eyes

Astrid likes to make both physical things and digital things. She needs her eyes to create these things.

Dave’s eyes

Dave hears all the little details, as I noticed when he was working on a piece of music with a student. But he sees, and appreciates, the little visible details as well, like his fingerprints in the lacquer on his guitar. And in his spare time he’s a photographer who still uses film.

Diek’s eyes

Diek’s work is very visual. Proportion, colour, texture all have to be judged. So of course his eyes are very important.

Harold’s eyes

For making music he doesn’t necessarily need his eyes. Not directly. But he is very much inspired by literature and the fine arts. So using them definitely helps.

Irene’s eyes

Irene talked about using her eyes mostly in context to the paintings she makes. She told me that it’s not so much about the paintings, it’s more about mixing paint, which looks beautiful.

Joke’s eyes

Her eyes are essential. Joke uses them for making the things she makes, and for collecting the things she collects.

Joost’s eyes

For Joost writing code for the web is a very visual activity. Sure, in part it’s about the structure of the code, but in the end it is in big part about how it looks, what it does for the users. Whenever we invite a blind developer to do a guest lecture he’s awestruck.

Kiki’s eyes

Most of the things Kiki creates are visual, so she really needs her eyes. She doesn’t just use them to look at her own work, she uses them as well to see how others make stuff. This makes her better.

Maarten’s eyes

Maarten uses his eyes constantly. He makes sets for films, for plays, for opera. These are all very visual. They have to look wonderful. Eyes are necessary.

Marie’s eyes

Marie sees much more than we see. She has to. Where most of us hear the things that happen around us, Marie doesn’t since she’s Deaf. She relies completely on her eyes to notice what’s going on. And she needs her eyes to see what people are saying. Either by reading the signs they make when they speak sign language, or by trying to read their lips. And of course as a graphic designer she needs her eyes to see the things she makes.

Marrije’s eyes

Marrije is a close observer. Since she is hard of hearing she relies more on her eyes. She sees the tiniest details. Which comes in very handy in a design agency that creates things for people.

Robert Jan’s eyes

Robert Jan uses his eyes for making, for observing, and for listening to sign language.

Stefanos’ eyes

Apart from smell and taste you also need your eyes to judge the quality and doneness of food. Of all the senses Stefanos talked the least about his eyes. Maybe they’re too obvious to talk about?

Titus’ eyes

Titus uses his eyes to look at his code. And to look at the beautiful objects around him. He doesn’t have many things in his house, but the few things he has are all beautiful.

Vasilis’ eyes

Vasilis likes his eyes. But to be honest, he doesn’t use them as much for making as you might think. A lot of the visual stuff he creates is generated by code.

Willemijn’s eyes

Listening to people is not enough to understand them. People quite often don’t really do what they tell you they do. That’s why Willemijn uses her eyes to observe the behaviour of people as well.