Harold Konickx

Harold is a musician. He writes his own songs, and records and performs them together with other musicians.

Harold’s ears

Harold never really considered his ears to be a part of his making process. Hearing is important, but not his ears themselves. Not for making. Ears are an erogenous zone, he says.

Harold’s extension

This is Harold’s guitar. He’s not one of those guitarists who thinks directly with his guitar. He thinks of a melody, he tries it out, accepts input from his fellow musicians to perfect the details. And then he plays it. I expected the buying process of a guitar to be a long one. But it took him just a day to choose this one. Ten years ago.

Harold’s eyes

For making music he doesn’t necessarily need his eyes. Not directly. But he is very much inspired by literature and the fine arts. So using them definitely helps.

Harold’s feet

He likes these shoes. But Harold likes his Dr. Martens as well. I asked him if they were a remnant of his punk rock days. He’s way to sweet to be a punk, he answered. And that’s true, depending on your definition of punk. He may have taken a thing or two from that DYI mentality.

Harold’s hands

Before we took this picture Harold cleaned his finger nails. He uses his hands to control his guitar and his other tools, like old fashioned audio recorders. He doesn’t use computers to make music. When I asked him why he didn’t know. Maybe he should? He could see some advantages.

Harold’s head

Harold uses his voice for singing and communicating, his eyes for reading and getting inspired by the visual arts. And of course he uses his brain for thinking, for coming up with songs, with texts, with ideas.

Harold’s place

This is not where he usually writes his songs. This just looks like a nice place. But now that he’s sitting here, that place over there looks nice as well. He likes quiet places, but not lonely. It’s good to have people around.

Harold’s reason

Harold makes music for himself. To be a bit more extrovert as an introvert. To massage his ego. But it’s not just for his ego. Music is also something you do together. And there’s also this spiritual feeling that making music is being part of a tradition, being part of a community. This, says Harold, goes way beyond his ego. And, of course, it’s also because music is beautiful.

Harold’s tools

Literature is one of his tools. His guitar pick, of course. Taking notes is another one. His notebook is a collection of thoughts, sketches, and snippets of paper. Wonderful to look at. He was surprised to see that I didn’t take any notes while we took the pictures for this atlas.