Spaghetti Carbonara


Stir the eggs and the egg yolk until well blended. Add the cheese and quite some pepper and stir well.

Heat the bacon slowly until much of the fat is rendered and the meat has browned a little. This can take up to 20 minutes. Put a lid on it when it looks like it’s finished. Use a large pan, later on you want to add the spaghetti to it.

If the peas are fresh, cook them. If they only need to be heated, don’t.

Cook the spaghetti with quite some salt

When the spaghetti is done you need: the colander on a ceramic bowl, the peas in the colander, two wooden spoons, the baked bacon, and the egg and cheese mixture, all at hand.


Make sure everything is in place. These steps take not more than a minute.

Pour the spaghetti into the collander. This will heat up the peas, and heat up the ceramic bowl. Heat is important since you’re working with raw eggs.

Pour the spaghetti and the peas into the pan with the bacon. Don’t shake the collander, you want the spaghetti to stay wet. Stir a few times, you want to coat the spaghetti with fat.

Pour out the water from the ceramic bowl, but do keep 200 ml or so. Pour the mixture of spaghetti, peas and bacon into the bowl. Now pour the mixture of eggs over it and immediately start stirring well. If needed, add some of the water you saved to make the sauce more juicy. Serve right away.

You can use the leftover egg white to create meringues.