First day of autumn, and of course we all have the cold. Time for the chicken soup, or kotòsoupa like my mother used to make.


Wash the chicken put it a big enough pan, cover it with water, and put it on high heat. Before it starts cooking you might want to skim off the foam.

Cut a large onion in half. Cut some carrots into pieces.


Add the onion, carrots, spices, and the salt and pepper into a big pan with enough water to cover the chicken. Stir. Wait.

After one hour take out the chicken and filter the soup to get rid of all the stuff we put in there. Now add a cup of rice and the little potatoes. Leave it simmering for another fifteen minutes or so.

Take all the flesh off the bones and add it back to the soup. Fill bowls, add a good squeeze of lemon, and eat.