Fakiès? Fuck Yes!


A long time ago when I was 18 I spent a summer with a bunch of punks on an island in Greece. One day we decided to make lentil soup. And we were all pretty excited about it because it tastes to nice. So all day long we told each other how much we like lentils, and how happy we were that tonight we would eat lentils. The Greek word for lentils is fakiès. There was this English girl who, after a while, asked us what the incredible thing was we were talking about. All she heard all day was mumblemumble, fuck yes! Mumblemumble, fuck yes!

As a student — and later too — I used to eat this every month. Back then I always had some leftover days at the end of each salary, and this soup is perfect to overcome this problem.


Chop the onions, press the garlic, wash the lentils.


Put olive oil in a pan over medium heat. If you want to you can add the oregano right now, but some people think you should add the oregano only at the very end, right before the soup is ready to be served. Both are fine. After a minute or so, add the onions. You can add the garlic a little later.

After five minutes or so put the pan on high heat and add the lentils. Stir. Add five times as much water as lentils.

Now add the laurel leaves, the salt and the pepper. Let it simmer for an hour, and stir occasionaly. Add more water if necessary. If you didn’t add the oregano in the beginning, you should add it right before it’s done.

Put the soup into bowls. Add a spoonful of vinegar to each bowl. Some people prefer lemon, which is nice as well.