Vasilis’ food

Chicken Broth

From the leftovers of the roast chicken

Chili con Carne

The classic, but this one is without chili.

Cooking Tables

Some numbers in tables for cooking nerds

Côte de bœuf

The sous-vide barbecue version.

Cucumber Salad

Minimal raw food

Dark Stracciatella Mud

Dark chocolate ice cream with extra bits of dark chocolate

Drunken Cow

Stew with red wine, served with tiny pasta (or whatever you like with stew)

Drunken Pig

Pork tenderloin marinaded in wine.

Fakiès? Fuck Yes!

Greek lentil soup. Perfect for the end of the month.


Chicken soup.


Hand made.

Mashed Potatoes

Simple but so, so nice.

Mercimek Çorba

Turkish red lentil soup.


What to do with your leftover egg white.

Pasta di Papa

My take on pasta al ragu

Puree di Papa

Mashed potatoes with Di Papa Sauce in the oven.

Roast Chicken

With thyme. Excellent base for chicken stock.

Salade de Carottes


Spaghetti Carbonara

No cream, just eggs.

Tender Tenderloin

Simple and fast, super tender pork tenderloins.


Dorade in a crust of salt for your barbecue pleasure.