A conversation about experts and casual users

On Friday the 16th of November at 15:30 Bram Duvigneau and Vasilis van Gemert will have a conversation about web design for people with disabilities. The conversation will focus on the different needs of expert and novice screen reader users.

Bram Duvigneau is an accessibility researcher and consultant at Firm Ground, with a background in (backend) web development. He has been helping governments and businesses in optimising their websites to work for everyone.

Bram also happens to be blind. He is the epitome of an expert screen reader user. During this conversation Bram will shortly show how he uses his screenreader, and the different options available for power users like himself.

Vasilis van Gemert is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences where he teaches the next generation of digital designers about designing for the web. Currently he is researching the role that design can play in accessible web design. He will give a short presentation about his research as an introduction to the event.

During his research Vasilis observed both experts and casual users working with screen readers. One of his conclusions is that with current best practices in web accessibility not all kinds of users might be best designed for. Bram and Vasilis will discuss all kinds of possible options to solve this problem.

The event is open to everybody. Please let me know if you’re planning to join.

Location: Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam – room W4.139
Time: Friday 16 November, 15.30 PM

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  • Jules Ernst
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I would like to join. I can be there around 16:00. Is that a problem?
If not I like to join and bring some of my knowledge with me and maybe I might learn something.

On topic? Friendly? Excellent!