Flipping Things

One of the assignments of the Master Design Research I’m doing is writing a visual essay. It can be seen as an exercise for my final publication, which hopefully will be done in January 2019. Of course I decided to publish this essay on the web. The web is my medium.

The colourful visual essay Flipping Things

The essay is about flipping things. About wondering what’s on the other side. About looking at things from a different perspective. There’s some theory that substantiates the reversal of principles, there’s examples of flipping in the wild that work out well, there are prototypes that are created with the flipped principles that I created, there’s some poetic flipping and, well, there are things that flip.

It’s called Flipping Things and I hope you like it.

A big thank you to Katrien Vermeulen, Hanneke Briër, Philip Saa, Alla Kholmatova, Vitaly Friedman and Qa’id Jacobs for taking the time to review the essay and providing me with valuable feedback. An enormous thank you to Bart-Jan Steerenberg for art directing me on the animations. And a huge thank you to Charlotte Gran of the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, Denmark, who was so kind to send me the high resolution image I was looking for.

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