Please do use the snippet (but it’s not mine)

I love viewport relative units. And I promote them whenever I have the chance to. I write blogposts about them, I tweet about them, and whenever I have the chance to speak at a conference about CSS, I will talk about them. But alas, I am not clever enough to come up with very clever viewport relative solutions myself, unlike some people might think. I am smart enough to copy them though.

In his article about using less code Heydon Pickering writes about a very clever, super flexible line of code — font-size: calc(1em + 1vw) — and thanks me for showing it to him. And Christian Heilmann calls it Vasilis’ trick in a tweet. Which is flattering. But it might also give people the impression that I came up with the idea of using flexible units in combination with calc to create this minimum font-size function. Which isn’t true.

The first time I saw this line of code, was in this excellent article about fluid typography by Nathan Ford — and he saw it in this article by Mike Riethmuller. Later I saw a similar function in a tweet by Vitaly Friedman, which is the one that I quote in my talk about responsive webdesign without media queries, which is probably where Heydon remembers it from.

So to conclude. Nope, I did not come up with this code snippet, other people did a long time ago. But I am very happy that finally a big audience was introduced to it. Now go on and use it!