About Vasilis van Gemert

I work as a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where I teach the next generation of digital designers about designing things for the web, technically and aesthetically. Sometimes I give workshops to design teams about working together to create better websites. You should ask me to give one of those workshops at your company.

I write about the Web, about web design and about web development on this blog, in the paper edition of the Dutch Web Designer Magazine, and occasionally on Smashing Magazine. Together with Peet Sneekes I host an irregular video podcast about the web, design and content, called De Wasstraat. I write about nonsense on my slightly neglected blog Love Nonsense. I’m busy, but lazy as well. So I ordered my server to generate books and prints for me. Yes, they are for sale.

I love speaking at conferences and giving lectures about the weird, weird web, at schools, universities and meetups. You should invite me. The fastest way to contact me is via Twitter. Email could work, but is probably slower: nerd[at]vasilis.nl

I created nothing together with Maarten P. Kappert and I’m proud of it.

I you want to stay up to date about the things I do, write and create, you might be interested in my e-mail newsletter. and if, for whatever reason, you want to thank me, here’s a list of vinyl records I would love to own.