About Vasilis van Gemert

I work as a lecturer at the CMD school of design in Amsterdam, where I teach the next generation of digital designers about designing things for the web. I have a strong focus on designing for accessibility, and on understanding HTML and CSS. Both accessibility and HTML and CSS are fundamental principles of the web, yet they are largely ignored by the current web industry. By teaching the next generation of web people about their importance I hope to slowly change this lazy, frustratingly conservative industry.

In my online life I write about nerdy stuff. It used to be mostly about the web, about web design and about web development. But nowadays my interests are broader. I also write about nonsense on my slightly neglected blog Love Nonsense.

I’m busy, but lazy as well. So I ordered my server to generate books for me. There are over twenty thousand of them, and yes, they are for sale.

I love speaking at conferences and giving lectures about Exclusive Design and about the creative power of CSS. You should invite me. The fastest way to contact me is via mastodon. Email could work as well, but is probably slower: nerd[at]vasilis.nl

I created nothing together with Maarten P. Kappert and I’m proud of it.