The Jargonizer

At the 2018 What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam I hosted one of my Exclusive Design Challenges. 20 attendees worked on five cases for three real people with real disabilities: Marijn, a developer who is motor disabled, Marie, a designer who is Deaf, and Larissa, a student who is blind. The different teams came up with a few very interesting ideas. There was one team that basically said well, if all websites are boring and look the same anyway, then they should all look like a boring simple grid with one single action in each grid cell. Which would be a perfect solution for Marijn, who has difficulty with fine motor control. I should make a prototype of this idea one day. I did make a simple, working prototype of an idea that another team came up with though. I’d like to know what you think of it and I’d like your help with testing its use. But first let me explain. 

Visual tab interaction

Recently I asked my students to design and build a user interface that’s a pleasure to use for real people with real disabilities. They designed an interface that worked either for Larissa who is blind, for Marie who is Deaf, or for Marijn who is motor disabled. My students had two sessions with Marie and Larissa. In the first one they met each other, and they were able to ask questions about how they use the web. They observed how they use their computer and talked about the hurdles they faced. In the second session they tested the interfaces my students designed. Unfortunately I did not manage to organise such a session with Marijn.