958 prints of sliced blobs that turn into rectangles

A slice of a very unsaturated green rectangle needs a more dramatic ratio, especially if it turns into a very unsaturated, very light cyan blob. A pity you can’t zoom a poster.

E.Y. from I.

Every morning* my server generates an image with a slice of a blob of random size and random color that turns into a rectangle. These images are all unique**. On this page you can download them, and print them yourself, if you want to. Or you can buy a printed version, which is not free. If you want a signed print, let me know on Twitter. If you don't want a print or a pdf, you can look at the website instead. Or follow the Daily Slice of a Blob that turns into a Rectangle on Twitter


February 2017

28th of February, 2017 View

27th of February, 2017 View

26th of February, 2017 View

25th of February, 2017 View

24th of February, 2017 View

23rd of February, 2017 View

22nd of February, 2017 View

21st of February, 2017 View

20th of February, 2017 View

19th of February, 2017 View

18th of February, 2017 View

17th of February, 2017 View

16th of February, 2017 View

15th of February, 2017 View

14th of February, 2017 View

13th of February, 2017 View

12th of February, 2017 View

11th of February, 2017 View

10th of February, 2017 View

9th of February, 2017 View

8th of February, 2017 View

7th of February, 2017 View

6th of February, 2017 View

5th of February, 2017 View

4th of February, 2017 View

3rd of February, 2017 View

2nd of February, 2017 View

1st of February, 2017 View

January 2017

31st of January, 2017 View

30th of January, 2017 View

29th of January, 2017 View

28th of January, 2017 View

27th of January, 2017 View

26th of January, 2017 View

25th of January, 2017 View

24th of January, 2017 View

23rd of January, 2017 View

22nd of January, 2017 View

21st of January, 2017 View

20th of January, 2017 View

19th of January, 2017 View

18th of January, 2017 View

17th of January, 2017 View

16th of January, 2017 View

15th of January, 2017 View

14th of January, 2017 View

13th of January, 2017 View

12th of January, 2017 View

11th of January, 2017 View

10th of January, 2017 View

9th of January, 2017 View

8th of January, 2017 View

7th of January, 2017 View

6th of January, 2017 View

5th of January, 2017 View

4th of January, 2017 View

3rd of January, 2017 View

2nd of January, 2017 View

1st of January, 2017 View


December 2016

31st of December, 2016 View

30th of December, 2016 View

29th of December, 2016 View

28th of December, 2016 View

27th of December, 2016 View

26th of December, 2016 View

25th of December, 2016 View

24th of December, 2016 View

23rd of December, 2016 View

22nd of December, 2016 View

21st of December, 2016 View

20th of December, 2016 View

19th of December, 2016 View

18th of December, 2016 View

17th of December, 2016 View

16th of December, 2016 View

15th of December, 2016 View

14th of December, 2016 View

13th of December, 2016 View

12th of December, 2016 View

11th of December, 2016 View

10th of December, 2016 View

9th of December, 2016 View

8th of December, 2016 View

7th of December, 2016 View

6th of December, 2016 View

5th of December, 2016 View

4th of December, 2016 View

3rd of December, 2016 View

2nd of December, 2016 View

1st of December, 2016 View

November 2016

30th of November, 2016 View

29th of November, 2016 View

28th of November, 2016 View

27th of November, 2016 View

26th of November, 2016 View

25th of November, 2016 View

24th of November, 2016 View

23rd of November, 2016 View

22nd of November, 2016 View

21st of November, 2016 View

20th of November, 2016 View

19th of November, 2016 View

18th of November, 2016 View

17th of November, 2016 View

16th of November, 2016 View

15th of November, 2016 View

14th of November, 2016 View

13th of November, 2016 View

12th of November, 2016 View

11th of November, 2016 View

10th of November, 2016 View

9th of November, 2016 View

8th of November, 2016 View

7th of November, 2016 View

6th of November, 2016 View

5th of November, 2016 View

4th of November, 2016 View

3rd of November, 2016 View

2nd of November, 2016 View

1st of November, 2016 View

October 2016

31st of October, 2016 View

30th of October, 2016 View

29th of October, 2016 View

28th of October, 2016 View

27th of October, 2016 View

26th of October, 2016 View

25th of October, 2016 View

24th of October, 2016 View

23rd of October, 2016 View

22nd of October, 2016 View

21st of October, 2016 View

20th of October, 2016 View

19th of October, 2016 View

18th of October, 2016 View

17th of October, 2016 View

16th of October, 2016 View

15th of October, 2016 View

14th of October, 2016 View

13th of October, 2016 View

12th of October, 2016 View

11th of October, 2016 View

10th of October, 2016 View

9th of October, 2016 View

8th of October, 2016 View

7th of October, 2016 View

6th of October, 2016 View

5th of October, 2016 View

4th of October, 2016 View

3rd of October, 2016 View

2nd of October, 2016 View

1st of October, 2016 View

September 2016

30th of September, 2016 View

29th of September, 2016 View

28th of September, 2016 View

27th of September, 2016 View

26th of September, 2016 View

25th of September, 2016 View

24th of September, 2016 View

23rd of September, 2016 View

22nd of September, 2016 View

21st of September, 2016 View

20th of September, 2016 View

19th of September, 2016 View

18th of September, 2016 View

17th of September, 2016 View

16th of September, 2016 View

15th of September, 2016 View

14th of September, 2016 View

13th of September, 2016 View

12th of September, 2016 View

11th of September, 2016 View

10th of September, 2016 View

9th of September, 2016 View

8th of September, 2016 View

7th of September, 2016 View

6th of September, 2016 View

5th of September, 2016 View

4th of September, 2016 View

3rd of September, 2016 View

2nd of September, 2016 View

1st of September, 2016 View

August 2016

31st of August, 2016 View

30th of August, 2016 View

29th of August, 2016 View

28th of August, 2016 View

27th of August, 2016 View

26th of August, 2016 View

25th of August, 2016 View

24th of August, 2016 View

23rd of August, 2016 View

22nd of August, 2016 View

21st of August, 2016 View

20th of August, 2016 View

19th of August, 2016 View

18th of August, 2016 View

17th of August, 2016 View

16th of August, 2016 View

15th of August, 2016 View

14th of August, 2016 View

13th of August, 2016 View

12th of August, 2016 View

11th of August, 2016 View

10th of August, 2016 View

9th of August, 2016 View

8th of August, 2016 View

7th of August, 2016 View

6th of August, 2016 View

5th of August, 2016 View

4th of August, 2016 View

3rd of August, 2016 View

2nd of August, 2016 View

1st of August, 2016 View

July 2016

31st of July, 2016 View

30th of July, 2016 View

29th of July, 2016 View

28th of July, 2016 View

27th of July, 2016 View

26th of July, 2016 View

25th of July, 2016 View

24th of July, 2016 View

23rd of July, 2016 View

22nd of July, 2016 View

21st of July, 2016 View

20th of July, 2016 View

19th of July, 2016 View

18th of July, 2016 View

17th of July, 2016 View

16th of July, 2016 View

15th of July, 2016 View

14th of July, 2016 View

13th of July, 2016 View

12th of July, 2016 View

11th of July, 2016 View

10th of July, 2016 View

9th of July, 2016 View

8th of July, 2016 View

7th of July, 2016 View

6th of July, 2016 View

5th of July, 2016 View

4th of July, 2016 View

3rd of July, 2016 View

2nd of July, 2016 View

1st of July, 2016 View

June 2016

30th of June, 2016 View

29th of June, 2016 View

28th of June, 2016 View

27th of June, 2016 View

26th of June, 2016 View

25th of June, 2016 View

24th of June, 2016 View

23rd of June, 2016 View

22nd of June, 2016 View

21st of June, 2016 View

20th of June, 2016 View

19th of June, 2016 View

18th of June, 2016 View

17th of June, 2016 View

16th of June, 2016 View

15th of June, 2016 View

14th of June, 2016 View

13th of June, 2016 View

12th of June, 2016 View

11th of June, 2016 View

10th of June, 2016 View

9th of June, 2016 View

8th of June, 2016 View

7th of June, 2016 View

6th of June, 2016 View

5th of June, 2016 View

4th of June, 2016 View

3rd of June, 2016 View

2nd of June, 2016 View

1st of June, 2016 View

May 2016

31st of May, 2016 View

30th of May, 2016 View

29th of May, 2016 View

28th of May, 2016 View

27th of May, 2016 View

26th of May, 2016 View

25th of May, 2016 View

24th of May, 2016 View

23rd of May, 2016 View

22nd of May, 2016 View

21st of May, 2016 View

20th of May, 2016 View

19th of May, 2016 View

18th of May, 2016 View

17th of May, 2016 View

16th of May, 2016 View

15th of May, 2016 View

14th of May, 2016 View

13th of May, 2016 View

12th of May, 2016 View

11th of May, 2016 View

10th of May, 2016 View

9th of May, 2016 View

8th of May, 2016 View

7th of May, 2016 View

6th of May, 2016 View

5th of May, 2016 View

4th of May, 2016 View

3rd of May, 2016 View

2nd of May, 2016 View

1st of May, 2016 View

April 2016

30th of April, 2016 View

29th of April, 2016 View

28th of April, 2016 View

27th of April, 2016 View

26th of April, 2016 View

25th of April, 2016 View

24th of April, 2016 View

23rd of April, 2016 View

22nd of April, 2016 View

21st of April, 2016 View

20th of April, 2016 View

19th of April, 2016 View

18th of April, 2016 View

17th of April, 2016 View

16th of April, 2016 View

15th of April, 2016 View

14th of April, 2016 View

13th of April, 2016 View

12th of April, 2016 View

11th of April, 2016 View

10th of April, 2016 View

9th of April, 2016 View

8th of April, 2016 View

7th of April, 2016 View

6th of April, 2016 View

5th of April, 2016 View

4th of April, 2016 View

3rd of April, 2016 View

2nd of April, 2016 View

1st of April, 2016 View

March 2016

31st of March, 2016 View

30th of March, 2016 View

29th of March, 2016 View

28th of March, 2016 View

27th of March, 2016 View

26th of March, 2016 View

25th of March, 2016 View

24th of March, 2016 View

23rd of March, 2016 View

22nd of March, 2016 View

21st of March, 2016 View

20th of March, 2016 View

19th of March, 2016 View

18th of March, 2016 View

17th of March, 2016 View

16th of March, 2016 View

15th of March, 2016 View

14th of March, 2016 View

13th of March, 2016 View

12th of March, 2016 View

11th of March, 2016 View

10th of March, 2016 View

9th of March, 2016 View

8th of March, 2016 View

7th of March, 2016 View

6th of March, 2016 View

5th of March, 2016 View

4th of March, 2016 View

3rd of March, 2016 View

2nd of March, 2016 View

1st of March, 2016 View

February 2016

29th of February, 2016 View

28th of February, 2016 View

27th of February, 2016 View

26th of February, 2016 View

25th of February, 2016 View

24th of February, 2016 View

23rd of February, 2016 View

22nd of February, 2016 View

21st of February, 2016 View

20th of February, 2016 View

19th of February, 2016 View

18th of February, 2016 View

17th of February, 2016 View

16th of February, 2016 View

15th of February, 2016 View

14th of February, 2016 View

13th of February, 2016 View

12th of February, 2016 View

11th of February, 2016 View

10th of February, 2016 View

9th of February, 2016 View

8th of February, 2016 View

7th of February, 2016 View

6th of February, 2016 View

5th of February, 2016 View

4th of February, 2016 View

3rd of February, 2016 View

2nd of February, 2016 View

1st of February, 2016 View

January 2016

31st of January, 2016 View

30th of January, 2016 View

29th of January, 2016 View

28th of January, 2016 View

27th of January, 2016 View

26th of January, 2016 View

25th of January, 2016 View

24th of January, 2016 View

23rd of January, 2016 View

22nd of January, 2016 View

21st of January, 2016 View

20th of January, 2016 View

19th of January, 2016 View

18th of January, 2016 View

17th of January, 2016 View

16th of January, 2016 View

15th of January, 2016 View

14th of January, 2016 View

13th of January, 2016 View

12th of January, 2016 View

11th of January, 2016 View

10th of January, 2016 View

9th of January, 2016 View

8th of January, 2016 View

7th of January, 2016 View

6th of January, 2016 View

5th of January, 2016 View

4th of January, 2016 View

3rd of January, 2016 View

2nd of January, 2016 View

1st of January, 2016 View


December 2015

31st of December, 2015 View

30th of December, 2015 View

29th of December, 2015 View

28th of December, 2015 View

27th of December, 2015 View

26th of December, 2015 View

25th of December, 2015 View

24th of December, 2015 View

23rd of December, 2015 View

22nd of December, 2015 View

21st of December, 2015 View

20th of December, 2015 View

19th of December, 2015 View

18th of December, 2015 View

17th of December, 2015 View

16th of December, 2015 View

15th of December, 2015 View

14th of December, 2015 View

13th of December, 2015 View

12th of December, 2015 View

11th of December, 2015 View

10th of December, 2015 View

9th of December, 2015 View

8th of December, 2015 View

7th of December, 2015 View

6th of December, 2015 View

5th of December, 2015 View

4th of December, 2015 View

3rd of December, 2015 View

2nd of December, 2015 View

1st of December, 2015 View

November 2015

30th of November, 2015 View

29th of November, 2015 View

28th of November, 2015 View

27th of November, 2015 View

26th of November, 2015 View

25th of November, 2015 View

24th of November, 2015 View

23rd of November, 2015 View

22nd of November, 2015 View

21st of November, 2015 View

20th of November, 2015 View

19th of November, 2015 View

18th of November, 2015 View

17th of November, 2015 View

16th of November, 2015 View

15th of November, 2015 View

14th of November, 2015 View

13th of November, 2015 View

12th of November, 2015 View

11th of November, 2015 View

10th of November, 2015 View

9th of November, 2015 View

8th of November, 2015 View

7th of November, 2015 View

6th of November, 2015 View

5th of November, 2015 View

4th of November, 2015 View

3rd of November, 2015 View

2nd of November, 2015 View

1st of November, 2015 View

October 2015

31st of October, 2015 View

30th of October, 2015 View

29th of October, 2015 View

28th of October, 2015 View

27th of October, 2015 View

26th of October, 2015 View

25th of October, 2015 View

24th of October, 2015 View

23rd of October, 2015 View

22nd of October, 2015 View

21st of October, 2015 View

20th of October, 2015 View

19th of October, 2015 View

18th of October, 2015 View

17th of October, 2015 View

16th of October, 2015 View

15th of October, 2015 View

14th of October, 2015 View

13th of October, 2015 View

12th of October, 2015 View

11th of October, 2015 View

10th of October, 2015 View

9th of October, 2015 View

8th of October, 2015 View

7th of October, 2015 View

6th of October, 2015 View

5th of October, 2015 View

4th of October, 2015 View

3rd of October, 2015 View

2nd of October, 2015 View

1st of October, 2015 View

September 2015

30th of September, 2015 View

29th of September, 2015 View

28th of September, 2015 View

27th of September, 2015 View

26th of September, 2015 View

25th of September, 2015 View

24th of September, 2015 View

23rd of September, 2015 View

22nd of September, 2015 View

21st of September, 2015 View

20th of September, 2015 View

19th of September, 2015 View

18th of September, 2015 View

17th of September, 2015 View

16th of September, 2015 View

15th of September, 2015 View

14th of September, 2015 View

13th of September, 2015 View

12th of September, 2015 View

11th of September, 2015 View

10th of September, 2015 View

9th of September, 2015 View

8th of September, 2015 View

7th of September, 2015 View

6th of September, 2015 View

5th of September, 2015 View

4th of September, 2015 View

3rd of September, 2015 View

2nd of September, 2015 View

1st of September, 2015 View

August 2015

31st of August, 2015 View

30th of August, 2015 View

29th of August, 2015 View

28th of August, 2015 View

27th of August, 2015 View

26th of August, 2015 View

25th of August, 2015 View

24th of August, 2015 View

23rd of August, 2015 View

22nd of August, 2015 View

21st of August, 2015 View

20th of August, 2015 View

19th of August, 2015 View

18th of August, 2015 View

17th of August, 2015 View

16th of August, 2015 View

15th of August, 2015 View

14th of August, 2015 View

13th of August, 2015 View

12th of August, 2015 View

11th of August, 2015 View

9th of August, 2015 View

8th of August, 2015 View

7th of August, 2015 View

6th of August, 2015 View

5th of August, 2015 View

4th of August, 2015 View

3rd of August, 2015 View

2nd of August, 2015 View

1st of August, 2015 View

July 2015

31st of July, 2015 View

30th of July, 2015 View

29th of July, 2015 View

28th of July, 2015 View

27th of July, 2015 View

26th of July, 2015 View

25th of July, 2015 View

24th of July, 2015 View

23rd of July, 2015 View

22nd of July, 2015 View

21st of July, 2015 View

20th of July, 2015 View

19th of July, 2015 View

18th of July, 2015 View

17th of July, 2015 View

16th of July, 2015 View

15th of July, 2015 View

14th of July, 2015 View

13th of July, 2015 View

12th of July, 2015 View

11th of July, 2015 View

10th of July, 2015 View

9th of July, 2015 View

8th of July, 2015 View

7th of July, 2015 View

6th of July, 2015 View

5th of July, 2015 View

4th of July, 2015 View

3rd of July, 2015 View

2nd of July, 2015 View

1st of July, 2015 View

June 2015

30th of June, 2015 View

29th of June, 2015 View

28th of June, 2015 View

27th of June, 2015 View

26th of June, 2015 View

25th of June, 2015 View

24th of June, 2015 View

23rd of June, 2015 View

22nd of June, 2015 View

21st of June, 2015 View

20th of June, 2015 View

19th of June, 2015 View

18th of June, 2015 View

17th of June, 2015 View

16th of June, 2015 View

15th of June, 2015 View

14th of June, 2015 View

13th of June, 2015 View

12th of June, 2015 View

11th of June, 2015 View

10th of June, 2015 View

9th of June, 2015 View

8th of June, 2015 View

7th of June, 2015 View

6th of June, 2015 View

5th of June, 2015 View

4th of June, 2015 View

3rd of June, 2015 View

2nd of June, 2015 View

1st of June, 2015 View

May 2015

31st of May, 2015 View

30th of May, 2015 View

29th of May, 2015 View

28th of May, 2015 View

27th of May, 2015 View

26th of May, 2015 View

25th of May, 2015 View

24th of May, 2015 View

23rd of May, 2015 View

22nd of May, 2015 View

21st of May, 2015 View

20th of May, 2015 View

19th of May, 2015 View

18th of May, 2015 View

17th of May, 2015 View

16th of May, 2015 View

15th of May, 2015 View

14th of May, 2015 View

13th of May, 2015 View

12th of May, 2015 View

11th of May, 2015 View

10th of May, 2015 View

9th of May, 2015 View

8th of May, 2015 View

7th of May, 2015 View

6th of May, 2015 View

5th of May, 2015 View

4th of May, 2015 View

3rd of May, 2015 View

2nd of May, 2015 View

1st of May, 2015 View

April 2015

30th of April, 2015 View

29th of April, 2015 View

28th of April, 2015 View

27th of April, 2015 View

26th of April, 2015 View

25th of April, 2015 View

24th of April, 2015 View

23rd of April, 2015 View

22nd of April, 2015 View

21st of April, 2015 View

20th of April, 2015 View

19th of April, 2015 View

18th of April, 2015 View

17th of April, 2015 View

16th of April, 2015 View

15th of April, 2015 View

14th of April, 2015 View

13th of April, 2015 View

12th of April, 2015 View

11th of April, 2015 View

10th of April, 2015 View

9th of April, 2015 View

8th of April, 2015 View

7th of April, 2015 View

6th of April, 2015 View

5th of April, 2015 View

4th of April, 2015 View

3rd of April, 2015 View

2nd of April, 2015 View

1st of April, 2015 View

March 2015

31st of March, 2015 View

30th of March, 2015 View

29th of March, 2015 View

28th of March, 2015 View

27th of March, 2015 View

26th of March, 2015 View

25th of March, 2015 View

24th of March, 2015 View

23rd of March, 2015 View

22nd of March, 2015 View

21st of March, 2015 View

20th of March, 2015 View

19th of March, 2015 View

18th of March, 2015 View

17th of March, 2015 View

16th of March, 2015 View

15th of March, 2015 View

14th of March, 2015 View

13th of March, 2015 View

12th of March, 2015 View

11th of March, 2015 View

10th of March, 2015 View

9th of March, 2015 View

8th of March, 2015 View

7th of March, 2015 View

6th of March, 2015 View

5th of March, 2015 View

4th of March, 2015 View

3rd of March, 2015 View

2nd of March, 2015 View

1st of March, 2015 View

February 2015

28th of February, 2015 View

27th of February, 2015 View

26th of February, 2015 View

25th of February, 2015 View

24th of February, 2015 View

23rd of February, 2015 View

22nd of February, 2015 View

21st of February, 2015 View

20th of February, 2015 View

19th of February, 2015 View

18th of February, 2015 View

17th of February, 2015 View

16th of February, 2015 View

15th of February, 2015 View

14th of February, 2015 View

13th of February, 2015 View

12th of February, 2015 View

11th of February, 2015 View

10th of February, 2015 View

9th of February, 2015 View

8th of February, 2015 View

7th of February, 2015 View

6th of February, 2015 View

5th of February, 2015 View

4th of February, 2015 View

3rd of February, 2015 View

2nd of February, 2015 View

1st of February, 2015 View

January 2015

31st of January, 2015 View

30th of January, 2015 View

29th of January, 2015 View

28th of January, 2015 View

27th of January, 2015 View

26th of January, 2015 View

25th of January, 2015 View

24th of January, 2015 View

23rd of January, 2015 View

22nd of January, 2015 View

21st of January, 2015 View

20th of January, 2015 View

19th of January, 2015 View

18th of January, 2015 View

17th of January, 2015 View

16th of January, 2015 View

15th of January, 2015 View

14th of January, 2015 View

13th of January, 2015 View

12th of January, 2015 View

11th of January, 2015 View

10th of January, 2015 View

9th of January, 2015 View

8th of January, 2015 View

7th of January, 2015 View

6th of January, 2015 View

5th of January, 2015 View

4th of January, 2015 View

3rd of January, 2015 View

2nd of January, 2015 View

1st of January, 2015 View


December 2014

31st of December, 2014 View

30th of December, 2014 View

29th of December, 2014 View

28th of December, 2014 View

27th of December, 2014 View

26th of December, 2014 View

25th of December, 2014 View

24th of December, 2014 View

23rd of December, 2014 View

22nd of December, 2014 View

21st of December, 2014 View

20th of December, 2014 View

19th of December, 2014 View

18th of December, 2014 View

17th of December, 2014 View

16th of December, 2014 View

15th of December, 2014 View

14th of December, 2014 View

13th of December, 2014 View

12th of December, 2014 View

11th of December, 2014 View

10th of December, 2014 View

9th of December, 2014 View

8th of December, 2014 View

7th of December, 2014 View

6th of December, 2014 View

5th of December, 2014 View

4th of December, 2014 View

3rd of December, 2014 View

2nd of December, 2014 View

1st of December, 2014 View

November 2014

30th of November, 2014 View

29th of November, 2014 View

28th of November, 2014 View

27th of November, 2014 View

26th of November, 2014 View

25th of November, 2014 View

24th of November, 2014 View

23rd of November, 2014 View

22nd of November, 2014 View

21st of November, 2014 View

20th of November, 2014 View

19th of November, 2014 View

18th of November, 2014 View

17th of November, 2014 View

16th of November, 2014 View

15th of November, 2014 View

14th of November, 2014 View

13th of November, 2014 View

12th of November, 2014 View

11th of November, 2014 View

10th of November, 2014 View

9th of November, 2014 View

8th of November, 2014 View

7th of November, 2014 View

6th of November, 2014 View

5th of November, 2014 View

4th of November, 2014 View

3rd of November, 2014 View

2nd of November, 2014 View

1st of November, 2014 View

October 2014

31st of October, 2014 View

30th of October, 2014 View

29th of October, 2014 View

28th of October, 2014 View

27th of October, 2014 View

26th of October, 2014 View

25th of October, 2014 View

24th of October, 2014 View

23rd of October, 2014 View

22nd of October, 2014 View

21st of October, 2014 View

20th of October, 2014 View

19th of October, 2014 View

18th of October, 2014 View

17th of October, 2014 View

16th of October, 2014 View

15th of October, 2014 View

14th of October, 2014 View

13th of October, 2014 View

12th of October, 2014 View

11th of October, 2014 View

10th of October, 2014 View

9th of October, 2014 View

8th of October, 2014 View

7th of October, 2014 View

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