Prints of form and colour

Every day at 13:37 my server generates a few images of random blobs and rectangles. Each one of these images is unique. You are free to download them, and print them yourself if you want to. Or you can order a print, which is not free. If you want a signed copy, let me know on Twitter. If you don't want to order a print or download a digital image, you can look a the websites of blobs and rectangles instead.

All orders are handled by Peecho, a print-on-demand service. The exact price depends on the country you live in and the kind of print and size your prefer. You can order prints as a poster, a canvas, a dibondhigh-end aluminium photo prints — or as a gallery print — a 3 mm aluminum plate put behind a layer of acrylic glass of 4 mm thickness.

If you want a signed copy, or a different format than the ones offered by Peecho please contact me on Twitter and we'll work something out.