Random stuff

Computers can generate random numbers. In this ever expanding project I explore the visual effects of random numbers on colour, form and time.


There are a few sections in this project: studies, works, a shop, and things that are generated on a daily basis. There are quite a few experiments in some of these sections, so take your time.

  1. Daily

    I told my server to generate images and books with certain restrictions on a daily basis. This would stimulate me to study colour on a daily basis. Rectangles, blobs, colours, gradients, stipes, and lines. But also synonyms, and a daily reminder of how long ago it is that the world has ended.

  2. Shop

    My server generates books and posters on a daily basis. You can download the source files here, or order them directly in printed form.

  3. Studies

    If I have an idea, I first start with making a few studies to see if it works. And to see if I can come up with alternatives that might work better. Some kind of sketch book. Some subjects are researched in great detail, others are merely touched on a little bit and left for later, perhaps. There’s quite a lot in here. Don’t click of you don’t have the time.

  4. Works

    Certain studies turn into works. These are created with a bit more attention to detail. My server generates books of some of these works on a daily basis.