Website or native app flow chart.

I think there are use cases for native apps. Of course I do, I have a few on my phone that I use regularly. Today I saw a Flowchart Guide to HTML5 or Native which seemed unnecessarily complex to me. So I decided to create my own, simplified version. What do you think? Too simple? Not complete? Incorrect? Or useful in most cases?

For those of you who’d rather have a visual flowchart, I finally created one.

Johan Ronsse alerted me of the fact that this flowchart might give the impression that websites are cheap. They are not. Good websites, just like good native apps, are expensive.

  1. Do you have a responsive web site?
    • No: Create one first, then come back
    • Yes: Go to two
  2. Is there a feature people will use regularly
  3. Really?
  4. Do you have the funds needed for an excellent native app?
    • No: Get the funds
    • Yes: Go on, create it.
  5. Is there an API you need to access that is inaccessible from the web (like the address book in some phones)?
  6. Do you have only one platform to support?
    • Yes. How about in two years time?
    • No. Exactly. That’s why there’s no link to this step.
  7. But user experience is important!
    • Yes: UX has nothing to do with the web or native. Hire better designers and better developers.
    • No: There’s no link to this step since it makes no sense.