”Let the robots polish the turds”

There are some entertaining quotes in this article about the question if the robots are taking over our jobs as designers — like the title. But it’s not all just linkbaity power quotes. For instance, the observation that once the algorithms make every site look the same, making a design look different will be a simple task of breaking rank with the lockstep look and feel.

And this observation is true as well:

a website that looks ok and does everything ‘well enough’ is all they need

But no, I don’t agree with this quote:

If the robots want the job of making things prettier I say let them have it. I don’t want that job, and really, neither should you.

It’s fantastic to make things beautiful. I want to do more than just useful things. I want to do beautiful work as well. Robots should do the stupid, repetitive jobs, not the nice ones.