This article was written in 2015. It might or it might not be outdated. And it could be that the layout breaks. If that’s the case please let me know.

Fontstand webfont licenses

Fontstand is a new Mac app that lets you rent a font for as long as you need it. There are 21 different foundries that offer their fonts thru this app so far. This is absolutely fantastic if you need high quality fonts for your print jobs. You can also use the app to test your fonts in a browser, the license doesn’t cover the web though. And upon further inspection I found that not every foundry offers their fonts as a webfont, and if they do, they all have their own licenses.

I read every one of these licenses and I summarised how they work in this GitHub repo. Remember, I’m not a lawyer, so you should not use this as a reliable source of information. Please read the real license before you purchase any font.

This overview is not complete yet. For instance, I’d love to know if foundries allow you to use things like localStorage to serve their fonts. I couldn’t find that information yet. I tried to add a pricing indication but prices are mostly all over the place, ranging from a few dollars for a single weight, to thousands of dollars for a whole family. And there are probably things I forgot. Feel free to send me pull requests or to bug me with requests for updates.