Digital canvasses

My old Blackberry Playbook serves as a digital canvas to display digital works of art. And since I only use my iPad mini at night to read, it serves as a canvas during the day as well. I would really like a bigger canvas though. I think these circles that slowly turn into squares, or this slowly animating sliced blob would look excellent in a much bigger format.

I read about a few startups, like Depict and Electric Objects, that sell digital art frames. The big problem I have with these projects is that they are unnecessarily closed: you need their app to show an image or a movie. And as far as I can tell they don’t have a browser. Which makes them completely useless to display contemporary digital art. And the canvasses stop working altogether when their businesses go broke.

Some people are transgender, I am transfinancial. I’m a millionaire born in the body of somebody who has to work. This is especially hard when I read about people who simply buy a new iMac to create a digital canvas. I really wish I had a spare 2000 Euro to create a similar project. Not to show old paintings, of course, and not to put a kitsch gold frame around it, but to celebrate the fantastic things we can create with digital stuff.