Convincing the boss

This article was written in 2015. It might or it might not be outdated. And it could be that the layout breaks. If that’s the case please let me know.

Digital product designers should not only think about the products they create, but also about what influence this software had on the world. If designers were the people who decided stuff, we would only have wonderful stuff and a site like Dark Patterns would cease to exist. But unfortunately we are not the (only) people who get to decide what’s been created, as we can see by all the evil cruft out there.

When Ethan Marcotte published his article about responsive web design in 2010, I immediately told everybody in the agency I was working for that we should start creating responsive websites. Nobody listened. They were busy. So I created this silly website to show our sales people what was possible. They were impressed. But said they couldn’t sell it. It didn’t fit in their wireframe and photoshop mockup way of thinking.

Creating an example that shows a certain feature is one way of explaining an idea to decision makers. In this nice and practical article Lara Hogan shows some more examples of how to effectively explain concepts to others. Really helpful. I wish this article existed 5 years ago.