What pasta should look like

Whenever I cook pasta the only thing I really want to know is the cooking time. Sometimes it’s eight minutes, sometimes it’s fourteen, but whatever it is, the exact number is hidden somewhere in a big pile of useless information. Who designs these things?

A better design

For years now I’ve been walking around with this idea of what a pack of pasta should look like and today I decided to just make it. It’s based on these ideas:

  1. I don’t care what the pasta is called: fanfare, sporgersi or sciocchezza, I don’t want to know its name, I just want pasta. If the shapes look right I’ll buy it, I never picked a pasta because of the name.
  2. I immediately want to see the cooking time without having to look for it.
  3. Some people need the basic pasta cooking instructions.

The result

If it’s up to me from now on the front of all packs of pasta will look like this.* Marketing departments, historians and lawyers can fill the back of every pack with all the balderdash they want as long as the front looks like this.**

So if you are a pasta package designer or you know one, please steal this idea and improve my kitchen life. And if you are a designer, please improve my design and let me know so I can update this post, I am not a designer, not at all.

*Yes I know, the word Pasta is not needed but remember the name of this site? Some nonsense should be in there, it’s not called Love Function.
**This version is made with HTML and CSS and should look just fine when you print it on a pack of ten centimeters wide.