Clock (model 103)

Yesterday Maarten P Kappert posted a link to a beautiful clock. It’s a brilliant design. The lines that indicate the hours are drawn in a strange way, yet the end of the lines perfectly show you the time. The other detail I love is the long hand of the clock: it is longer on the other side of the center, which is weird, but seems to work well. I wanted to see this clock displaying the real time, I wanted to be able to use it. I’m not rich (or lucky) enough to buy a real one, so I created one for myself.

It’s not as beautiful as the original. First of all, the original is round, and browsers, as we all know, are not round. Of course the widths and heights of the hands and the lines arent’s as exact as the original (they are related to the size of your browser). And of course the original doesn’t have a distracting browser interface around it.

But it works. On all modern browsers. It doesn’t work on Safari though. Just like the original.

Update If you have Chrome you can take a look at this crazy version of the clock that GDmac made.