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I sent the first edition of my newsletter to 34 more people than I ever thought would be interested in such a thing. If you, like me, don’t really like e-mail, here’s a good old clicky thing that links to it.

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I call it blogging via e-mail. And it reminds me of spam. And I want the things I write to have a URL. I’m not a huge fan of e-mail newsletters. But it turns out not everybody dislikes them. So if you’re one of those, and you want to stay up to date about some of the things I do — all related to design, the web, education and random stuff, I won’t bore you too much with my private life — and if you don’t mind an occasional e-mail, you can join the 28 early adopters here.

But I don’t like email!

About Voto, my self hosted IndieWeb photo gallery

A few months ago — inspired by the Indie Web Camp movement — I decided to create my own photo-site. I’ve tried many self-hosted gallery scripts before, but they never did what I wanted them to do. Many of these script have a bad case of feature creep, while others lack some essential features. And all of them are slow. During a two week period between jobs I wrote my own script. I’ve been using it since and I’ve posted more than 320 pictures on it. It’s not open source — I’m not a good programmer so I don’t think it’s safe to share this code. But I guess sharing my ideas might help others in creating something similar.

Interesting, go on

Using Twitter feeds to feed your Fever

Shaun Inman redefined the feed reader with his brilliant application Fever. The best thing about it, apart from the brilliant user interface, the beautiful layout, the usability, the feel of a native app, is the fact that you can actually use high volume feeds without reading them. The idea is that a link gets more interesting when more feeds link to it. So fever has this section called Heat where all these interesting articles are shown.
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