This article was written in 2009. It might or it might not be outdated. And it could be that the layout breaks. If that’s the case please let me know.

Abort an Automator workflow

I wanted to abort an OSX Automator workflow if there’s no internet connection. That function does not exist. It can be done by inserting the action Run Applescript though:

do shell script "curl"
on error
do shell script "killall name-of-this-script"
end try

Fill in the name of your Automator application and if there’s an error the script will terminate itself. This way you can build multiple checks. For instance I have another check that stops the automator workflow if a certain disk is not mounted. And suddenly Automator becomes a handy tool.


  1. So what if you DO have Internet access?!
    Will you download the website besides running your script :-P?

    Am I missing something? How about just a simple PING command?


    • Vasilis
    • #

    A simple PING command would do, I guess. I haven’t tested it though. In my case I access a script on my server which makes a backup of my databases. I just replaced it with a domain that’s always up.

  2. Yeah, but CURL will download the site, right?

    • Vasilis
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    It shows the HTML when I type that command in the terminal. It’s not physically downloading apple’s website to my computer.