We could use some power in our calc()

This is a simple grid layout with an irrational ratio based on the Diagon, one of the twelve excellent orthogons. The Diagon has a ratio of 1:1.414. This layout is created by generating three columns with the measures (1.414)7, (1.414)6 and (1.414)2. Ratios are very nice to create layouts with. They make sense.

Font sizes can be proportional

It is not uncommon to scale heading according to a ratio too. On this page we use the ratio 1.414 to define the layout, it makes sense to use that same ratio to define the font-sizes of the headings. There are tools that can calcuate the em size for us, but why tools? Instead of copypasting we could simply say something like h1 { font-size: calc(1.414em pow4) } h2 { font-size: calc(1.414em pow3) } h3 { font-size: calc(1.414em pow2) } h4 { font-size: calc(1.414em pow1) }

Proportion can be done with calc(), but it gets messy

Instead of creating a notation for power we can use what we have now. Which results in something like h1 { font-size: calc(1.414em * 1.414 * 1.414 * 1.414);} This works. But it gets very messy when you want one part of the layout to be (1.414)20

Is messiness enough reason?

I'm not sure. But I think we could use more power in calc();