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Douchebags, ebooks and decahedrons.

Content Folding | CSS-Tricks

It's a good idea to keep an eye on techniques we can use in the (near) future. Chris Coyier shows us how we could use CSS Regions to somehow fold content on a more clever way that our current techniques allow us to.

css3 responsive

Getting started with getUserMedia | CreativeJS

There's a group of people who think the web should try to catch up with native, and one of the things you hear most is that it should be possible to access the camera and do cool stuff with it. Well, you can, and here's a simple tutorial (with lots of links to more info).

javascript html5 camera

Snowdecahedrons - Temporary Public Art

I'm not sure what the weather is like at your place but right here in The Netherlands winter has not ended yet. It's not snowing but it feels like it might. In that case I'll try to make one of these snowdecahedrons. And if the weather turns out to be good I'll just cut down a tree and copy this beautiful idea.

art winter

Devices, devices, devices

Testing your responsive site on smartphones is pretty easy, most of them have a fairly decent browser on them so usually things just work as you expect. That's not the case on feature phones though. Martin Sutherland argues that this simple observation should be an important part of your startegy when you're thinking about what test devices to buy.

devices testing

It's time to treat ebook developers as developers – Baldur Bjarnason

In this lengthy article Baldur Bjarnason explains how hard it is to test the design of your ebook: there is little or no documentation (some documentation is even secret), and the documentation that exists is not good enough. On top of that it's impossible to get hold of some ebook readers outside of the US and even if you have one it is very hard to test books on them. If you ever start complaining again about how hard it is to test your site on all these different browsers just think of this article.

development ebook documentation

Adactio: Journal—Secret src

There was a row in responsive-image-land yesterday and I linked to it in the heat of the moment, something I usually try to avoid. If you wait a while things get much clearer. In this case Jeremy Keith published an excellent braindump which clearly explains the situation, the ideas and the (current) solution. You should read it if you build web sites.

image responsive

The Cost of Knowledge

One of the things I love most about our industry is the fact that everybody shares their knowledge freely. Now imagine if every link I post here would direct you to a shop where you could buy a paper, that wouldn't help you much, you wouldn't gain knowledge as fast as you do right now. In academics this is a common problem: articles get published exclusively in expensive magazines and are not freely available, which means that it's harder to gain knowledge. This is of course contradictory to what universities are all about and it clashes with the idea that publicly funded research should be freely available.

knowledge publishing science open