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inspiring toilets

People obviously find it inspiring to look at the offices of famous web people. What strikes me is that most of these offices are rather small. Bruce Lawson realized there are more small rooms that might inspire you and launched this next successful tumblrblog.


Browser Support

If you, for whatever reason, don't like any of the other tools and sites out there that tell you what browsers support what CSS feature then this tool might be the one you were looking for. I still prefer When Can I Use… though.

css development browsers

IE in Chnina

One of the only reasons to keep supporting IE6 is when you work for a company that does a lot of business in China, marketshare of IE6 was always very high over there. This graph shows us that something significant happened a few weeks ago. On the positive side: IE6 usage has suddenly dropped below 20%. On the negative side: IE8 usage is close to 50% now. A long, long way to go.


BIK BITV-Test | Articles | How effective is WCAG? - Methodological flaws put question mark on study of the impact of WCAG on user problems

A while ago a study was presented about the impact of WCAG on user problems which caused a bit of a roar in the accessibility world. According to the study the accessibility guidelines had no significant effect for blind users. Now, before you all start builing your sites with tables again, please first read this article in which Detlev Fischer debunks the study.


Autofill City & State from Zip Code with Ziptastic | CSS-Tricks

Filling out forms is a pain in the ass and especially on devices without a classic keyborad you should ask your users to fill in as little information as possible. So if there's a way to make things easier you should probably use it. For instance, parts of an address can be prefilled if the user enters her zip code. Chris Coyier shows us what a flow like that could look like.

forms mobile usability ux

Guest Post: Allen Tan on highlighting and focus… | Readmill Blog

My father always scribbles annotations in the margins of his paper books. He's probably been doing this for more than 50 years now and if somehow we could collect these annotations it would be an incredibly intersting and useful database. But as it is, it's pretty useless. Allen Tan writes about this and more in this article about modern, digital reading.

reading books

Let's Get Physical (Units) | Boris Smus

There are a few use cases where's we'd love to use physical units (like cm and in) but unfortunately these units don't work as expected in CSS. Boris Smus wrote an extensive article about these units, how they should work, why we want them and why they work the way they work.

css units

Responsive News - Cutting the mustard

The BBC is working on a responsive news site and they share everything they find out, which is extremely useful. In this article Tom Maslen explains how they manage browser support. An absolute must read for everybody who is struggling with the growing complexity of browser support. This solution (or something similar) should be implemented everywhere.

responsive javascript design

A Holistic Customer Experience is the Future of Mobile Payments | Idea Engineers

Holistic means something like complete. So Perry Chan argues that a complete user experience is the future of mobile payments. I actually think that right now, on the short run, whatever is the future: the things we have right now are just terrible, anything is less painful (at least here in the Netherlands). (I also think the future of UX on the web is bigger fonts, much bigger).

money payments

Thinking Async | CSS-Tricks

Loading an external JavaScript file can block loading of the rest of the page which, of course, can be a major performance and usability issue. The solution to this issue is to load the scripts asynchronically and Chris Coyier shows the ways to do that, extensively as always.

performance javascript usability

Learn CSS Selectors interactively

CSS selectors can be pretty hard to understand, especially the difference between nth-child and nth-of-type can be confusing. There are many tools to visualize the difference, here's another one by Ben Howdle.

css selectors tool