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Crap, speed and hyphenation.

Viewport Sized Typography | CSS-Tricks

Sometimes you'd like your typography to be somewhat related to the viewport size. In the near future you could use some new units just for that. Chris Coyier explains – in depth as always – how they work and more. You should read this.

typography css3

Adactio: Journal—dConstruct optimisation

Performance makes your site feel great and as such it should be part of your design proces. Here's what Jeremy Keith did to make the dConstruct site as fast as it is. You should really read it, especially if you – for some weird reason – think it is OK to make a website bigger than 100K. I like the idea of using performance artefacts as an aestetic and I'd love to see some design centered articles about performance.

performance ux design

Web Design Education Sucks | Boagworld

I agree with this title. I know from experience that some things are changing though, at least here in The Netherlands: some universities are actually bringing in professionals, I just finished a ten week course about modern web technologie for designers right here in Amsterdam and a colleague of mine is giving a course about maintainable CSS right now in Rotterdam.