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Sketching, scrolling and generating.

HTML5 Drag and Drop - Dev.Opera

Drag and drop is a common interaction. It's actually pretty hard to do with a mouse or a trackpad but it's even harder to implement in a web app. But that's about to change and Mike Taylor explains.

html5 dragdrop

The iPad reading experience and medieval usability | Upstatement

Books with pages were better than book rolls on many fronts but that doesn't mean that paging works better than scrolling. I've always been surprised by the fact that all ebook-readers use pages (and I'm flabbergasted by the fact that Opera is experimenting with some paging techniques in CSS). Here's an excellent article by Mike Swartz about this subject. Everybody (and especially ebook-people and Opera-people) should read it. (This study actually says that the card model works better on novels. Grmpf. Be sure to read it all though before you decide to build sites that look like books)

readability scrolling

Date Picker Demo

Date pickers are hard to design. Here's a very nice try (although it doesn't seem to work with my keyboard)


Privacy Patterns

An interesting site: a collection of common privacy problems with some possible design solutions. Working with possibly private content? Be sure to take a look at this site.

privacy patterns

Jordan Moore | Content Choreography

The structural hierarchy of a page is not always the same as the visual hierarchy. The visual hierarchy can change on different screen sizes while the structural hierarchy stays the same. Here's a nice example by Jordan Moore which uses flexbox to achieve that, a lot of this trickery can be done with positioning too and here's the explanation. You should probably read it.

responsive content

Link Dump

The Link Dumps by Blair Millen are always amusing and informing at the same time. Highly recommended.

linklist links

Data URI Generator

Creating data-uris can be a tedious task. My colleague Bran van der Meer created this data URI Generator. Just drag and drop all the images you need onto the screen and you're done. I know, there are more generators out there but I haven't seen any that are as fast, simple and functional as this one.