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Pixels, design and graphs.

» Pixels are ruining my life Cloud Four Blog

I wholeheartedly agree with Lyza Gardner: ems are more true to content. Some people still think pixels are an easy unit. Let's agree on this: from now on you are only allowed to use pixels if you can explain what they are.

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Drop-Down to Accordion ~ Degradable

Hover doesn't work on touch devices so a drop down menu is either inaccessible or extremely annoying on such a device. Here's a possible solution that doesn't really check for touch but gives a nice example of what can be done without JavaScript.

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Design Is a Job.

Jay Scott Fanelli explains why he considers Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro to be a very important book. He's right. And the comments are hilarious (if you like a row) or sad (if you don't).

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