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Workflow, mobile and SVG icons.

debugging mobile

For those of you who are distracted by four letter words, that's a pity, you're going to miss the important parts of this great presentation by Brian Leroux about mobile programming. Summary: it's a fucking mess, but Brian's got some great tips and links.

mobile javascript debugging css

Value created vs. time spent - Wolf's Little Store

A great article by Johan Ronsse about productivity and hierarchy in an office environment. I have to agree: when I'm at the office I can only be productive if I listen to music on my headphones but when I'm at home – especially when I'm working in my hammock – I get things done in a fraction of the time. If I lived in Antwerp I would definitely be talking to Johan right now.

work productivity

CSS3 Box Shadow Builder

Here's a handy tool to create CSS box-shadows, and this one does not try to mimic Photoshop, which is good, because you can do much more with CSS box-shadows. Designers should bookmark this.

css3 tool tools

Scaling with EM units

Some designs just look great, all parts are in proportion and all elements are in balance with each other. In those cases you might want to use ems to scale your design, as Viljami Salminen explains. I actually use this exact technique on my own site but I was just too lazy to write about it. If you ever meet somebody who doesn't understand why you should use ems and never use px, point them to this article.

responsive design css proportions

Mobile users don’t do that | Stephanie Rieger

Absolutely brilliant post by Stephanie Rieger about the often heard remark: Mobile users don’t do that, to which Stephanie answers: This is true, except when it’s not.. Must read, and you must recommend this article to people who don't get it yet, saves you a lot of discussion.

mobile design ux content

Adactio: Journal—AudioGO

A copyright troll has asked Jeremy Keith's host to remove a page that links to… a 404-page! He rightly reminds the troll – Robert Nichol – that it is illegal to abuse the DMCA. Crazy.

copyright law ownership

Link Dump

A very good eclectic collection of links by Blair Millen with performance tools, an article about designing in the browser, and much much more. You should click.

linklist links

Opera Developer News - How media queries allow you to optimize SVG icons for several sizes

A while ago people were tweeting about SVG and that it's not the right format for icons because everything scales, including strokes and outlines. Andreas Bovens shows us in this amazing presentation (it gets good after a while, really good) that you can use mediaqueries in SVG and he has some excellent news about the viewport-size of SVG images. A must see. The examples can be found right here (and they only seem to work in Opera, the slider does not work in Chrome or fall back well for Firefox). Enjoy!

design icons mediaqueries svg

The 501 Developer Manifesto

If you read all these blogs and linklists you might get the impression that everybody in our business is a complete workaholic. We're not. I might seem to be one but I certainly recognize myself in this 501 Developer Manifesto.

developer developers ethics work