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A hackathon, a webinar and vertical centering.

A Baseline for Front-End Developers - Adventures in JavaScript Development

There are few things you can disagree with in this post – definitely not all the things Rebecca Murphey sums up here are required skills for every Front-end Developer – but the article clearly points out that our profession is changing rapidly and that editing files, testing them locally, and then FTPing them to the server is not sufficient anymore. Every Frontend Developer should read this article. If you don't understand some of the things she mentions you should probably start reading about them.

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Triumph of the Mundane | Blog | design mind

In this lengthy article Scott Jenson talks about interactive devices, not just phones and tv's, but also things like toasters and coffee machines. By using an open standard like HTML we can connect these devices and control them from all over the place. An interesting read.

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Fronteers Hackaton op zaterdag 19 mei · Fronteers

On Saturday the 19th of May I'll be opening, together with the incredible Peter Nederlof, the first Fronteers Hackathon. We'll show you how you can turn plain old semantic HTML into laser shooting monsters controlled by mobile phones. And more. And after that you'll have plenty of time to make even better stuff with us. I'm really looking forward to this day! Tickets are only available for Fronteers members, so now would be a good time to sign up.

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CSS Scroll Effects

Let me just quote Jake Archibald on this incredible thing Hakim El Hattab created: These scrolling effects are pretty cool (although difficult to come up with a non-annoying real-world use).

javascript scrolling wow

Of parser-fetishists and semi-colons | Christian Heilmann

In Greek writing the semicolon is used as a question mark. Really; Yes, yeally. So JavaScript looks like a whiny, uncertain language to Greeks. I think sentences should end with a point. Christian Heilmann doesn't agree with me and explains why we should just keep on using semicolons in JavaScript in this excellent article about maintainability and readability.



This looks nice! A script that filters results in a fancy way. It uses CSS transforms when possible.

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