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Proportional media queries and an out of office message

» The EMs have it: Proportional Media Queries FTW! Cloud Four Blog

Pixels are nice for paper, they are not good enough for the web. People who understand this have been using ems for years now, except when writing media queries. Even I – a fundamentalist anti-pixel propagandist – used to use pixels for my media queries. Until now. If I can't convince you to use ems, Lyza Gardner probably can with this excellent thorough article about the proportional web. A must read

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Out of office and De Wasstraat

I'm having a small holiday until the 16th of April and in the meantime I probably wont be posting anything here. If you want anything to read you can read the article about proportional media queries again or you can hit the Daily Nerd Randominator a few times. If you still have some time left you can practice your Dutch with the new episode of The Car Wash in which Peet Sneekes and me wonder if the new iPad is really better than the previous one, if telco's actually give a fuck about their customers. We talk about using content as a way to show your expertise. And of course we complain about banners.

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