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Mobilism 2012

I attended three conferences last year and all three were exceptionally good: Fronteers, dConstruct and Mobilism. The second edition of Mobilism will be held in a few weeks time and the line-up is simply amazing. If you are serious about (mobile) web development and design and you live in Europe you should attend. And if you read the Daily Nerd you can use this link for a 10% discount. (Students should contact the organization for a much better discount) See you there!

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Fontomas - easy iconic fonts composer

Some articles have been published lately about using fonts to display icons (most notably this article by Eric Eggert). Here's a handy tool that puts just the icons you need into a font file. You can even choose which character should map the font!

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Remember the web?

Here are the notes from a talk that Maciej Cegłowski did a while ago about some more or less technical aspects of personal archiving. Sounds boring? It's not, not at all.


Responsive Summit - Anna Debenham

Anna Debenham attended the Responsive Summit a while ago (how does one get invited to that summit? I want to take part in the next one) and she shares her excellent thoughts on the summit and on responsive design in general. A great, great read, with some great thoughts and tips on clients, workflow, and assumptions. You should definitely read it!

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