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Bugs, skiplinks and polyfills.

Why your ‘Skip to Content’ link might not work « WhatIsDamon

This is a pretty severe bug in Webkit browsers. When you click on a skip link the focus should go to the target of that link, it should not stay on the link itself. This is especially frustrating for keyboard users. Weird that this hasn't been fixed yet. (Hello, Peter Beverloo, can you fix this please? It can't be that hard? Thanks!)


A Call For Better Fragment Identifiers | Impressive Webs

The problem with skip links (or better fragment identifiers) is that they only work on ID's an more often than not there is no ID on the section you want to link to. Shaun Inman created a rather brilliant browser plugin a while ago that somewhat fixes this issue. Louis Lazaris explains the exact problem in this article and points in the direction of some possible solutions.

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HTML5 is the new DHTML - The Easy Designs Blog

So why exactly is it such a big problem that the term HTML5 is abused quite often? Here's an article by Aaron Gustafson that tries to explain it. I'm not sure if I totally agree with it: I find it much easier to explain what HTML5 is to people who know the buzz word than to people who never heard of it. Instead of seeing it as misinformation we could look at it as the first step in education.

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