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Ratio, principles and Confucianism.

Nice Web Type – Responsive Typography

Responsive web design is hard. I see front-end developers and interaction designers jumping with joy about this concept, but at the same time I see visual designers struggling: it's not easy to understand the relationship between web design’s fundamental fluid nature and the typographic standards of construction that have served us heretofore. Tim Brown collected some links to sources about responsive typography, commented them but – most importantly – in the last paragraph he explicitly asks for your help.

typography, responsive design

Our First Principles | Contents Magazine

The second edition of Contents Magazine is about First Principles. In this article Karen McGrane, Randall Snare, Henrik Berggren, Elizabeth McGuane, Ian Alexander, Dorian Taylor, and Kat Meyer answer a few questions about their own first principles. Very inspiring!

content, design, principles

Interview: Opera on the Web of Devices - W3C Blog

Here's an interesting interview with Andreas Bovens and Divya Manian about the web of devices, about the different platforms on which you can use Opera, about the (lack of (complete)) support for new HTML5 features, about the luring browser monoculture, about the new TV-Store, about the future and more. You should definitely read it if you want to know where we're heading.

opera, html5, tv, future

* { box-sizing: border-box } FTW « Paul Irish

With the width property in CSS you set the width of the content, not the width of the container. Everybody – except for some philosophers – hates this. Paul Irish explains how we can finally get rid of this feature.

css, width

Dealing with iBooks Caching

Cache can be hard on the web – I remember a conversation on my first job as a web developer a long time ago where a colleague of mine told a client that a certain fix was not visible because of a cash problem, which resulted in much faster payments – but cache with ebooks is even harder. Here's something you can do about it when you are testing your ebook on an iOs device.

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