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Prefixes, separation and vibration.


This morning (Central European Time) my twitter timeline exploded with tweets about vendor prefixes and that something's wrong with them. All these tweets and blog posts were a reaction on this article by Daniel Glazman in which he rings the alarm bells about a feature that's about to break.

Now, what's the problem? It's explained in the original article but maybe it's easier explained in this article by Bruce Lawson; on the mobile web we see more and more developers only using the -webkit-prefix for experimental CSS3 when they should have been using all prefixes (or at least the prefix-less one). Right now some non-webkit browsers are about to implement the -webkit-prefix. This will acutely render the whole idea of prefixes on the web useless.

Some people like Peter van der Zee have been trying to find the cause of this prefix thing. In this article he blames the browser vendors for not updating fast enough. That's a pretty valid point. Remy Sharp rightly blames everybody, including himself, in these unedited – very accurate – thoughts about the subject.

More about this prefixes right here with a bunch of links to more articles and opinions on this subject

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Pre-fix the web

Some people, including me, asked for examples of broken, webkit-only websites. I got a link to a Chrome showcase and one to an old Apple propaganda page. That's it. But the problem is not so much the bad sites, it's bad code examples. Christian Heilmann created this excellent page which encourages developers to just go ahead and fix bad examples on Github. This is by far the most constructive thing about this whole issue today. Many, many internet points for Christian Heilmann for launching this initiative.

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The State Of HTML5 Video

What's the current state of HTML5 video? The folks behind the JWPlayer published their extensive findings in this thorough article.

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Link Dump

Want more to read for the weekend? Here's the always surprising Link Dump by Blair Millen.

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