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Dynamic comments, refunds and DHTML5.

Naming Convention in CSS - Snook.ca

There are naming conventions in JavaScript and I'm sure every serious language has them, so I think it's weird that there really isn't such a thing for CSS (yet). Jonathan Snook proposes to prefix every state in CSS with is- and I think that's a very good idea. Want to read more good ideas like this one? Then you should definitely buy his book SMACSS.


Retesting the input types - QuirksBlog

Today me and my students looked at the different implementations of HTML5 input types. We concluded that some are ugly, some are useful and some are not as handy as we thought they would be. Peter-Paul Koch did some research on a more scientific level and published his results. Highlight for me? Support in some browsers has declined.

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help ik wil mijn geld terug ~ blog ~ eend

Marrije Schaake tries to get a refund for a bus ticket in the city of U. in the Utrecht province in the Netherlands. You probably understand that it is not as easy as you might think. All bad practices are thoroughly explained. And good, free, advice is given, friendly as ever, in Dutch.

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Adrian Roselli: No DHTML, Please

Somehow the term HTML5 got picked up by marketers and in those circles it means something like geolocation video with animated rounded corners OMG!! I don't consider that to be a problem. If I tell a client we'll use HTML5 he's satisfied and happy, it's that easy. Adrian Roselli explains that there is a problem when web developers start using the term in the same hollow way though: suddenly it is confusing.

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